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SDY Series PMSM Controller(40KW)
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SDY Series PMSM Controller(40KW)
SDY Series PMSM Controller(40KW)

  SDY Series PMSM Controller(40KW)

Power : 40KW


SDY PMSM Controller is a drive which is special development for the mainstream electric vehicles . It adopts first-class permanent magnet motor control algorithm in domestic and international , to accurate control the torque of the permanent magnet synchronous motor with wide speed range.It’s suitable for pure electric vehicles,hybrid electric vehicles,clean energy vehicles and other vehicles.


①Large torque,achieve strong dynamic performance;

②Energy feedback technology , strong endurance;

③Efficient vector control technology,excellent dynamic performance,achieve high effciency of full range of speed;

④Adopt international mainstream German DSP digital drive,provide advanced control stratrgy;Turn short,strong climbing ability;

⑤Perfect fault protection,comprehensive detection of the vehicles fault state,improve the safety performance.