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SCJ Series ACIM Controller (5KW~18KW)
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SCJ Series ACIM Controller (5KW~18KW)
SCJ Series ACIM Controller (5KW~18KW)

  SCJ Series ACIM Controller (5KW~18KW)

Power : 5kw/ 7.5kw / 13kw / 18kw


I. Product Introduce

SCJ Series asynchronous AC controller is research and development for forklift truck . It apply the advanced vector control algorithm and latest MOSFET drive technology. By CAN-bus / wireless bluetooth communication modes. It can be programmed and monitored by computer and mobiles platform. The controller has the motor automatic matching function which can make the motor running in the best efficiency. With short circuit overloadhigh/ low voltage multi protection functions.

SCJ Series controller has two kinds of output connection port, the user can free choice  connection port① Can switch the controller seamlessly to international brand 1-776180-1 interface  ② Can custom made low cost wiring harness interface.

II. Product Character

·CAN-bus / wireless bluetooth communication modes ( Support AGV vehicle.);

·A reliable electrical brake back control;

·Micro motion technology, hill descent control and hill-holding control;

·Variable inertia adaptive motion technology;

·Start smoothly, softly and quickly;

·Broken encoder quick protection (0.3s);